BoxyCharm: March Edition!

It's that time of the month ya'll...let me rephrase that, it’s the BEST time of the month! BoxyCharm time!!! I can’t even contain myself. It arrived about 5 days ago and I’ve been dying for the next ‘MAKEUP MONDAYS’ to tell you about it! It is so good, so so good! If you haven’t heard of BoxyCharm, you can read all about it here.

Every month, the same exciting rush comes over me when I see the box at my doorstep. Especially if I haven’t seen any sneak peaks on social media. This month I was completely clueless. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside! Friends, can I just tell you...this should be illegal. $21 a month for ALL OF THIS! I have died and gone to makeup heaven


Are ya ready??? Okay good, because I’m so ready! 
Let’s see what I got...

nder Eye Gels by South Mane Beauty. These under eye masks are said to be moisturizing and cooling. They help with dark circles and give an overall rested and refreshed appearance to the eye area. Comes in a pack of 3. Best results: use them consecutively for the 3 days. My first impression: I used one today for the purpose of this blog. I left it on for 30 minutes as advised. Immediately, I felt the cooling sensation which feels great! For us busy and sleepless moms...that cooling effect is an instant pick-me-up. I noticed my eye area felt hydrated and it looked a bit brighter. Again, this is only my first day using this and will continue for the next two days. I did feel a bit of a tingling effect, but that went away soon after. So far, I’m digging them. MSRP: $10

Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set by The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a brush set trio said to be all you need for that perfect Smokey Eye. It gives you a flat shadow brush to sweep an all-over color to your lid, an angled shadow brush for crease color and a smudge brush to help blend and/or add more color to the crease and to define your lash line. Great set for someone who needs it simplified. My first impression: The brushes feel great and are super soft. I love the flat shadow brush for laying down color and the smudge brush for my lower lash-line. The angled brush, though it did the job, I did have to go and pull a more fluffier blending brush to help me blend everything in my crease together neatly. I just feel like like a brush set without a fluffy or tapered blending brush is kinda disappointing, but that's just me! I think they worked just fine.  MSRP: $23.15 (why the .15 LOL)

Make Them Blush in Prim Vixon by Pretty Vulgar was stunning! It’s said to give the complexion a soft, glowy flush to the cheeks. It’s a buildable,long-wearing and highly pigmented cheek color. My first impression: I’m not afraid of blush and I’m not afraid of color. So when I first saw this, I was excited more than I was intimidated by its boldness. It went on beautifully and stayed on fairly well. I was able to apply it softly for less color or build it up for a brighter pop. I thought it was pretty and I'm sure I'll be reaching for it again. MSRP: $26

Eyeshdow Palette by Pür The Complexion Authority is so much fun!!! It’s a very transitional palette, meaning you can go for a basic day look to a more vibrant night time look in no time at all. You’ve got the silky smooth matte shades which pair beautifully with the shimmer shades. My first impression: The palette is gorgeous. The colors are stunning. A little bit more pigment and punch would've been nice in some of the colors but overall it was beautiful and had hardly any fallout. Not mad at it at all!   MSRP: $36

Double Decker Lashes Mascara by Butter London is said to give you 200% thicker lashes with one coat and a 314% increase in lash curl  (Ummm that's an interesting statistic). The Interlocking nylon fiber allows for each lash to lengthen, curl and multiply from the root to tip. My first impression: This was my first day wearing it and I really was shocked at how much length and volume this gave me. Literally, one coat, was all I needed. Does it wear well all day? I had it on for about 4-5 hours and it did a pretty good job. I will say though, it is a bit dryer than what I’m use to. So I’m hoping I get a few uses out of this and it doesn’t flake because I really hate when my mascara flakes! I’ll let you guys know! MSRP: $20

Edit: It’s tomorrow...I’ve had it on for about two hours now...though my lashes look thick and long, I’ve got mascara flakes everywhere. Could be because I have more than one coat on but that never happens with my Maybelline Lash Sensation. I’m not so sure about this one. But I’ll continue to try it and give it a fair chance!

A total value of $115 for $21 a month! Dang, I’m happy with that!
So, you see now why I get so overly enthusiastic when my BoxyCharm arrives! They are constantly filling those boxes with full size products. Some I would never have heard of if it wasn’t for BoxyCharm!

As I said before, I have no affliation codes nor is this sponsored by BoxyCharm in any way! If you want a direct link you can use my referral code right here. This is a code all of you will receive once you become a BoxyCharmer! Also, in my box came a 25% coupon code for the mascara that I’m giving to you! Use code charm25 at checkout if you'd like to order it and give it a try!