Come Get Ready With Me...

Has it been one of those long nights? Kids just won’t sleep? Your mind just won’t shut off? In my case, I’ve got one sick child, coughing all night and one that wakes me up 2 o’clock in the morning, every morning...”Mama, can I sleep with you”? Knowing very well my answer is the same every night, “Come on in". She gets me right in the middle of my deepest sleep or when I've literally just fallen asleep. Four hours later, alarm goes off and I'm a zombie, better yet a "mombie" both internally and externally. 

I get out of bed and head for the bathroom. While brushing my teeth I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Is that me? Did my dark circles get worse? What was I doing with the pillow last night? What are all these lines on my face? As I slowly get closer to my forties, I realize I need some extra help. I can't just leave the house upon waking up like I did in my twenties. This face needs some TLC. I mean realistically, yes of course I can leave the house just like that and I have, many times. Those are also the days I get comments like, "hey, is everything okay? You look so tired". Give me a break! The truth is, even just 10 minutes for myself is enough to lift my spirits and avoid these ignorant comments! 

Now I know what you're much effort do I need to put into this? I don't like wearing makeup? Do I really have to do this? I can answer two of those three questions, the last one however, is on you. I can't force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. As far as effort goes...little to none, I promise. You don't like to wear don't have to. How about taking that time to prep your skin with some good skincare so your skin looks fresh, vibrant and awake? Sometimes, that's all a woman needs! 

Here is what I do in the mornings to get myself ready for the day. Of course, the days I have to work consist of more makeup, better hair and more time, but that's only 3 out of the 7 days...

The following products are my lifesavers...they get the job done in a quick and effective manner! Exactly what this mama is looking for!

Skincare: AM Routine (note: you can get more details on some of my current products in this blog here)

  • wash and tone with my Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Cleanser and Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic
  • prep my skin with Kiehl's Hydro-Plumping Serum 
  • Apply JaoBrands Nighttime/Anytime Moisturizer, my current go-to on face and neck area. Here is a little about it for those of you who maybe haven't heard of it...

 * This brand is 99% naturally derived ingredients. It helps to Restore, Revive and Radiate the skin by using ingredients such as Uniprosyn PS-18 (a oat based complex that stimulates skins barrier and reduces signs of aging), Unitamuron H-22 ( a vegetal Hyaluronic Acid which moisturizes and smooths the skins surface) and Rubixyl (fights against signs of aging and leads to smoother skin, reduced wrinkles and more hydration). This face cream helps improve elasticity and gives the skin more suppleness. They use essential oils such as; Meadowfoam, Rosehip, Chamomile and Calendula among others. These oils are high in Vitamin E and A and help restore balance to the skin as well as provide a beautiful, therapeutic scent. 

  • Apply my Avocado Eye Cream from Kiehl's and now I'm prepped and ready for the next step.

Makeup: My Go-To Everyday Look

  • Concealer! I grab 1 of 2 that I always have in my makeup bag. Either my Cle De Peau concealer stick which now has SPF15 in it (not sure how I feel about that) or my Tient Idol Ultra Wear from Lancome which I've been enjoying lately. Both give me the coverage I want and need, Cle de Peau is not as creamy. I start by applying that under my eyes and down the sides of my nose. I tab a few dots on my forehead and chin and just blend everything using my fingers (or my beauty blender if I have some extra time for all that). I focus the coverage under my eyes and around my nose, taking whats left on my fingers and blending it onto my eyelids.
  • Bronzer! Yes, that slight warmth I get from my Butter Bronzer by Physicians Formula is exactly what my skin needs especially on those days when my skin looks a little dull. Select a bronzer about 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone so it does the job of warming up your skin. Grab a large round brush and swirl it evenly in the bronzer. Start off with a light dose of color and build up from that if you wish to have more color. We want to look as natural as possible. Don't overdue it, you don't want to look blotchy and muddy. Lightly sweep the brush along the outer sides of your forehead and along your hairline. Imagine forming the shape of a "3" from the top to the bottom of your face. 
  • Blush...I personally love a pop of color but some might be content with just the warmth of the bronzer. I'll leave this step to you. Note: blush can give the skin that soft, youthful glow if applied correctly and the right formula is used. Play around with both powder and cream blushes. As for me, I've been loving my Prim Vixen by Pretty Vulgar. Using soft strokes, I apply my blush on the apples of my cheeks (don't get to close to laugh lines) and back towards my ear lobes. 
  • Curl Lashes (optional) and apply 1-2 coats of mascara. My current favorite is Maybelline Lash Sensational.
  • Fill in my brows (optional) with my Maybelline Fiber Volumizer Brow Mascara. This step is also important to me. Without it, I always feel like something is missing. This fills them in without them looking overly done up. 
  • Lips...most of the time I just pop on my favorite lip balm and that is it! 

See, it's not so bad, right? Just a few easy steps to keep me looking fresh and put together. Truth is, I might still feel like a mombie but at least I don't look like one

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 get ready with me