How to pick the right RED LIPSTICK...


Welcome to Makeup Monday! This week I wanted to talk red lipsticks with you! I love a good red lip! It's such a timeless, classic look, as long as it's the right fit for the person wearing it. I know for many of us even the thought of a red lipstick is frightening. Will it look good? Will I look like a clown? My lips are too small! My lips are too big! I'm afraid I'll look funny! So many excuses...find the perfect one for you and I promise you'll feel amazing! Okay, so HOW DO I KNOW WHICH IS RIGHT FOR ME? Good question! Lets figure this out! Ask yourself, what is your skin tone (undertones) and what type of lipstick do you prefer on your lips (sheer, opaque, glossy)? Once we have that figured out the rest is trial and error. You might prefer some formulas and brands over others. That's the beauty of makeup, you have so much to chose from. Lets go over some of the tips and tricks you'll need to know before shopping for that lipstick.

First, what are undertones? By definition, it is the underlining colors of your skin. Let's break it down by by three main groups (as always everything in life has exceptions, this is just a guide); Cool, Warm and Neutral. No matter how light or dark your skin is, its undertones will generally fall into one of those three categories.

Cool Undertones- someone who has more pink and blues to their skin. Visibly has signs of red in the their complexion. Someone who maybe burns easily or never tans would be considered as more of a cool undertone. Choosing a red lipstick that has more of a blue base or pink base will compliment the pinks in your complexion and really make that smile pop! Think more raspberry red, if you will. Here are a couple of suggestions:
-MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo is a matte vivid lipstick. A beautiful pop of color. You can pair it with the Ruby Woo lip liner as well.
-Bobbi Brown Artstick in Harlow Red- One of my favs! Jumbo lip crayon that comes in a beautiful rich, pigmented blue-red. Perfect for the cooler undertones (and the neutral ones too).

Source: Allure and Poshmark

Warm Undertones- someone who has more yellow, golden and peach to their skin. This type of skin might appear sallow at times. This is the person who is either always tanned or tans very easily, doesn't necessarily burn when under the sun. Might also be referred to as olive skinned sometimes. Choosing a red lipstick that is more orange and yellow toned is what we're looking for. This will pick up on your golden undertones and brighten your complexion beautifully. Here are a couple of suggestions:
-Nars Velvet Pencil in Cruella has a gorgeous rich, pigmented matte finish
-MAC Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger is a bright vivid coral-red. Stunner!


Neutral Undertones- This is someone who tends to be a mixture of both undertones. For the most part this person can get away with any red because their skin pulls both the pink/blue tones as well as the golden/yellow tones. In that case this person can basically rock anything (for the most part), lucky you! Here are a couple suggestions for you:
-Bobbi Brown Artstick in Sunset Orange (also great for the warmer undertone)- Beautiful orange-red jumbo crayon. Tons of color and pigment. 
-Tom Ford Lipcolor Matte in Ruby Rush is a great color for the neutral undertone. Its the perfect shade of red with a beautiful velvety sheen. 

Source: and Violet Grey

Tips and Tricks to help you figure this out:
*Take a look at those veins. Checkout the inside of your wrist. Are your veins more blue? Yes, then you're a cool undertone. Are your veins more green? Yes, then you're a warmer undertone. Are you looking at your veins and thinking, what the heck color are you? Yes! Chances are you're neutral. That wasn't too hard, right? 
*Okay, if the vein trick confused you, try the jewelry test. Now, personally I think this test is harder to do because I know what I like and I don't care what anyone says. Heehee! Ask yourself this,  if I take both silver and gold jewelry and place it against my skin which looks more flattering? Put your personal opinion and choice of jewelry aside (this is why I don't like this test so much). If the silver is more flattering, you're a cool undertone. If the gold looks better, you're a warm undertone...and you know the drill on the neutral undertone.
*Don't expect the person behind the counter to always know what undertone you are. While they might have excellent product knowledge, undertones might not be their forte. Not everyone in a department store is a makeup artist. So try to do your own research. 
*Try different brands. You might not like a color in one brand but love something similar in another brand. 
*When applying a red always start with blotting a little bit of powder or your foundation over your lips to even out the natural color to your lips. 
*Always start off with a lip liner. This will help keep everything in place. Use the liner to define your lip shape then fill in lips as a base before applying the lipstick. 
*Always exfoliate your lips first. This should be part of your skincare routine anyways, but many of us forget about the lips. Always buff and scrub the lip area so your lipstick goes on smoothly and beautifully. 
*Don't give up on the red so easily. There are many different textures and products out there. Take the time to try them on and see what you're comfortable with. Maybe a full coverage, opaque lipstick makes you nervous at first, try a gloss or a lip balm. Work yourself up one step at a time!

Most importantly, be confident! I believe everyone can wear a red lipstick, it just has to be the right one for you! Someone out there put the silly idea that not every skin tone can pull off a red, it was probably the same jerk who said a plus size woman shouldn't wear a two piece bathing suit. Bye Felicia! There is nothing we can't do...there is something for everyone. The right fit and the right color for every beautiful women out there! 

Curvy Hips and Red Lips...killer combo!