Washing your makeup brushes!

Hello and Welcome...It's Monday and you know what that means! Let's talk MAKEUP. Aside from talking about my children, makeup is my favorite topic! I love EVERYTHING makeup...new products, old products, the how tos and the what nots. I love putting on makeup, I love taking it off LOL! I love playing with colors and discovering new things. OK, OK you get my point!

Last week we talked about how to take care of our skin. I showed you what I do and what products I'm currently obsessed with. If you didn't read that blog, here it is!

This week I thought it would be important to follow up with a blog post on How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes. Why invest in all this skincare and take the time to treat your skin properly if you're just going to use dirty, gross brushes to apply your makeup with. Washing your brushes is just as important as washing your face! I can't emphasize that any more. Take care of those brushes and they will take care of you!

Let’s ask ourselves a question. When is the last time you cleaned your brushes? Lets be honest too! We're not here to judge. We are here to teach and make better choices going forward, right? Right! If it's been a month or more, grab all your bushes and meet me at the sink! I want you to think about all the gunk, dirt, oils and bacteria that is building up inside those brushes. Now think about each time you use those dirty brushes on your face! Having break outs? Clogged pores? Irritation? This can be because of those brushes you keep neglecting to wash! UGH! What about viral infections? Did you let someone borrow your brushes and never got around to cleaning them? You just put yourself at risk for pink eye and/or another serious infection. Other than the scary stuff...not washing those brushes can result to damaged brushes and uneven makeup application. It's all just bad news! Are you asking yourself, how do I clean them? Read along...I got your back!
Lets start with what you will need:

  1. Water
  2. baby shampoo, anti-bacterial soap (like dish-soap) or a professional brush cleaner. It's all the same. Just depends on your preference and budget. I use my Dawn Dish Soap, like this one here.
  3. A flat surface to lay clean brushes out to dry 

Step 1. Take a small amount of soap into the palm of your hands. Run the head of your dirty brush under lukewarm water and then swirl it into the dollop of soap that's in your hand.
Step 2. Continue running your brush under the water and giving it a few more swirls in the palm of your hand until you notice the water from your brushes running clear.
Step 3. Once all your brushes are washed, lay them flat on a towel not upright in a cup. This step is also very important because we want to prolong the life of the brush. By laying them flat to dry you are avoiding any water from getting into the area of the brush where the handle meets the head. The water will eventually loosen the glue around that area, resulting in the head falling off the handle and/or loosing the hairs from your brush. Being that most of these brushes are quite expensive...I'm sure we can all agree, that the extra TLC is worth it.

IMPORTANT: Wash brushes once week and beauty blenders daily. Oh yes! Those beauty blenders soak everything up. Wash them everyday, it only takes a couple minutes.

That being said, whats the best way to wash your beauty blender? I, personally love using the BlenderCleanser Solid (click here) which is great for brushes and beauty blenders. It lathers up my beauty blender beautifully! You can also use any of the products I mentioned above, again, personal preference.
Step 1. Soak your beauty blender in lukewarm water and rub over the soap, creating a nice lather. Repeat as necessary.
Step 2. Rinse the beauty blender until the water runs clear. Set beauty blender to dry.

***The Solid also comes with a pink grid. This can be used for a more deeper brush cleanse. Lather up the brush with the soap and swish it back and forth across the grid, creating a more intense lather. Run brush head through water to get all the soap out. Lay flat as I mentioned above. DO NOT USE THAT METHOD FOR YOUR BEAUTY BLENDER. IT WILL DAMAGE THE MATERIAL.

Try to make it a point to add this to your weekly routine. Perhaps the night you chose to put on a mask. While waiting the 10-15 minutes for that mask to work you can wash brushes. Just a thought! Like I said, its just as important as investing in your skin. Take that time.
Washing brushes is kinda therapeutic for me. I know, strange. But something about the sound of the water and joy of deep cleaning. Anyone else feel the same? 

Thanks for stopping by. See you on Wednesday for Wishful Wednesday!