BoxyCharm: February Edition

Hey! Welcome to Makeup Mondays! This week I decided to feature the oh so fun and exciting...BOXY CHARM!
This little black box arrives at my doorstep the second week of every month. Soon as I get that confirmation email letting me know it is on it's way...the waiting process kills me! It's seriously the best $21 a month I've ever invested in. My obsession with Boxy Charm came during the time I was laid off from work, I was literally having withdrawals when it came to touching and buying and playing with new makeup on the daily (I worked for a cosmetic department store. Well, I do now too but it's only part-time and I love the box too much now to cancel). Every month my sister would send me pictures of stuff she received in these boxes from different brands. Boxy always caught my attention. So I signed up! I mean why not! All this makeup for $21! Of course my husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting more makeup but he is equally as crazy when it comes to his car parts, so whatever...He should actually thank me because I'm saving him money instead. For $21 I fulfill my makeup craving (well sometimes haha).

Let me start off by telling you a little about Boxy Charm just in case you've never heard about them. We all know the new trend now are these little boxes that you can subscribe too right? They come filled with all sorts of things like; kids toys, clothes, makeup, stuff for men...the list goes on! Boxy Charm is one of the makeup boxes that you can have sent to you every month. Like I mentioned over & over already, it's $21 a month. Every month the box is filled with 5-6 full-size products. The cost of these products range from $100 and up. Products can range from makeup to skincare to even tools and are from new and upcoming brands to brands that are already established. 

Okay! Let's get into the products shall we? Yes Please...
My February Boxy Charm box included:
1). Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Palette Mini MSRP: $19
This palette provides a nice travel friendly way of storing any of your magnetic stuff. For example your single eyeshadows and/or blushes etc.
2). Ofra Cosmetics Blush Godet Refill MSRP: $12
Strong pigment, long-lasting blush refill that fits perfectly in the palette.
3). CoverFx Shimmer Veil MSRP: $28
A Multi-use, shimmering creme color for the eyes or face. Crease-proof and bold for the eye and weightless with a shimmery effect for anywhere on the face.
4). Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil MSRP: $21
Jet-Black richly pigmented eye pencil. Great for smudged out eye looks or even more of a precise line.
5). X-Faux Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator MSRP: $17
This 4 -in-1 lip scrub pencil exfoliator, plumps, hydrates and soothes. It has shea butter, raw sugar and exfoliating beads.
6). Crown Pro Trio Brush Set MSRP: $29.99
3pc Pro Brush Trio for concealing imperfections, contouring the cheekbones/face and finally setting everything in place.
Total Value: $126.99 WOW!

I haven't tried or played with any of these yet. I'll do it tomorrow on my Instagram page. I'd go follow me if I was you! I will say however, that this months box made a few of us a little upset because what was advertised for this month wasn't what majority of us got. Only a few people got a beautiful glow palette as seen on their IG page. Not cool, but anyways! I'll add some pics of previous months so you can see what a variety of stuff we get. For the most part every month is a hit! I'm not complaining for $21!

So, that completes this weeks Makeup Monday! If there are any products you want me to try and talk about let me know! Follow me on social media if you want to see more!

*** If you want to subscribe, I'd do it now because there is always a huge waiting list. Click the link for a direct referral to my BoxyCharm. No, I'm not affiliated and no this is not sponsored. 

{Previous goodies from Boxy Charm} Tarte Rainforest of the Sea eye shadow Palette, RealHer Blush Kit, PUR Soiree Diaries, PUR Bronze & Bright, COVERFX Illuminating Setting Spray and Pretty Vulgar Lip in My Lips are Sealed